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Air Quality and Asthma
Air Quality and Asthma
More than 2.3 million Canadians have been diagnosed with the inflammatory disorder of the airways known as Asthma.  It affects children in particular, with 13.4% diagnosis, while 8.4% of adults are diagnosed.

There are many possible triggers of Asthma, including animal dander, dust mites, mold and chemicals. Avoidance of the triggers is one of the best methods for controlling attacks.  Methods of control of contaminants include regular vacuuming, filtration, and removal of sources of the triggers.

According to a 2006 CBC News article, Asthma rates among children in some parts of North America are four times higher than they were 20 years ago, says a new report that examined links between pollutants and the disease of the airways.  "The air children breathe is an important source of exposure to substances that may potentially harm their health," said the report by the Commission for Environmental Co-operation.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2006/01/27/asthma-report060127.html#ixzz0fecDG4bn

According to a CMHC study titled The Effect of Improving the Home Environment on Asthma: A Pilot Study, "Improvements in the asthma condition of the occupants correlated with the degree of improvement of the air quality in the house".  Further, "adult asthmatics ... reported marked improvement and no longer needed medication..."

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