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Air Tight Homes – Eco-Friendly, but Healthy?

Many of us have changed over to snow tires, raked the leaves (after they were covered in snow first) and closed up our houses for the long Calgary winter, from which we had a short reprieve of but a few months.  Sometimes I wonder why we bother to take off the snow tires for the summer only to put them back on a few months later, but we diligently perform this activity twice annually.

When our furnaces start to come on more frequently (many of us don’t bother to turn off the furnace in Calgary during the summer months) we close up the house tight in preparation for the long cold winter months.  This is the right thing to do of course, because we don’t want the air that we paid dearly to heat to escape so quickly.  Of course all of it ends up escaping at one point or the other, but we want that to be as slow a process as possible, thereby increasing our home’s energy efficiency.

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The Calcium Myth
The nation’s leading health experts insist that we drink plenty of milk and take calcium supplements to protect our bones. What if they’re wrong?
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Foods that Prevent Cancer
Provided by Cynthia Ross Cravit, 50Plus.com
Cancer is no longer thought to be solely the product of factors outside of our control such as heredity or accidental contact with toxic pollutants. In fact, scientists believe there is a great deal we can do to reduce our risk of developing the disease.  The 2007 Expert Report by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) found that the food we eat and other lifestyle choices such as daily physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight are key to preventing cancer. This epic report - which was five years in the making and reviewed 7,000 large-scale studies - found that an unhealthy diet is linked to about one third of all cancer cases.


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