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Calgary And Area
Calgary And Area

The Benefits of Building in Calgary area

Are you looking to build a new home?  Here are some reasons to consider Calgary as your place to live.

1)  Believe it or not, Calgary still has one of the lowest pollution rates in Canada.  The winds normally prevail from the West, where there are no other major cities, and the air is conveniently filtered by the trees as it passes over the mountains.  At the same time, the rain falls on the West side of the mountains in BC, long before making it to Calgary.

2)  Calgary is quickly becoming a major metropolis with Culture, and lots of things to do.  Spend the weekend in the mountains, go to the theatre downtown, dine at one of our wonderful restaurants, or hang out in character areas such as Kensington or 17th Avenue.

3)  There are still some jobs here.  Infrastructure projects are still on-going, and the oilpatch has not come to a standstill.

4)  Sun and more sun.  We get lots of sun here in Calgary, which increases vitamin D production, and lowers depression.  The warmth contributes to your Energuide rating as well, through passive solar heating and reduced heating costs.

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