Built Green Rating and Labelling
Built Green Rating and Labelling

Since the year 2003, thousands of homes have been certified by the Built GreenTM program with a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum label.  Builders and home owners alike have come to recognize Built GreenTM as the premier environmental new home certification program in Alberta.  Homes certified in the program have met two requirements:  A minimum Energuide Rating and sufficient Checklist points in the following areas:

I     Operational Systems
II    Building Materials
III   Finishes
IV    Air Quality
V     Ventilation
VI    Waste Management
VII   Water Conservation
VIII  Business Practice

The advantage of the Built GreenTM program is its simplicity with regard to implemenation compared to other similar green building programs.

At EnerVibe, we have many years of experience with the Built Green program, and are able to help you understand the home certification process.  Once you are up and running, we will do the Energy Modeling, Blower door tests and enrollment and labelling of your homes.  Contact us today to find out more about Built GreenTM and what it means for you and your company.

Built Green Ratings and Labelling

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Built Green Rating and Labelling
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