Building Code ABC 936 Modeling
Building Code ABC 936 Modeling
There are a few optional paths for meeting the Building Code section 9.36 Energy Efficiency.  Each of the paths is described below:

Prescriptive Path

Using this method, you can build according to the prescribed levels of insulation, R values and equipment efficiencies for your zone.  For example, if your zone is 7A, then the following would likely be the requirements for the house to meet the building code 9.36 Energy Efficiency requirements if a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is installed.  The R-values required are effective, including the effect of the studs and any other components.  In a wall, spray foam insulation may be required to meet the value of R 16.86 effective.

Table 1 - Prescriptive Requirements for House with HRV in zone 7A
R Value/
Ceiling Below Attic 49.23
Cathedral Ceiling
Wall 16.86
Floor over unheated space 28.50
Windows and Doors
Foundation Walls
Unheated Basement floor above frost line 11.13
Heated Basement Floor
Slab on Grade with integral Footing
Storage Water Heater .67 EF
Tankless Water Heater .80 EF


In this method, insulation may be lowered in one area, and increased in another to make up for the lowered insulation.  This could be very challenging as it is quite difficult to meet the minimum insulation levels without having to increase them.


In this case the steps are

1) A hypothetical house called a Reference house is energy modeled according to the prescriptive requirements above.

2) The Proposed house is modeled and compared to the Reference house.

3) If the Proposed house has a higher Annual Energy Consumption that the Reference house, then upgrades must be made to the house to increase the energy efficiency.

4) If the Proposed house has a lower overall Annual Energy Consumption than the Reference house, it complies with section 9.36.5 of the code.

***This method allows the builder the most flexibility in choosing the upgrades they prefer to achieve the energy efficiency requirement.  Many builders are finding that their current specification is sufficient to meet the code requirements using the energy modeling method.

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